OutIndex Announces EU Privacy Directive White Paper

White Paper Authored by Chris Dale of the UK e-Disclosure Information Project

KENNINGTON, LONDON (17 October 2008) – OutIndex (www.OutIndex.com), the leading electronic discovery software company in Europe, today announced availability of a new white paper titled Privacy Considerations Affecting Data Required for Litigation and Regulatory Purposes. The white paper was authored by Chris Dale of the UK e-Disclosure Information Project. The sections of the white paper include:

  • The Directive 1995/46/EU
  • Transfer of data outside the EU
  • Cultural Difficulties
  • Processing in the EU

The e-Disclosure Information Project is run by Chris Dale, a former UK litigation solicitor and software developer to bring information and awareness to lawyers, courts, corporations and suppliers as to the law and practice of electronic disclosure in the UK.

“In the US, the prevailing opinion is that all technology devices and the data that resides on them are the property of the company who provided the equipment,” said Nii Larnyoh, president and CEO of OutIndex. “Where there is little to no privacy in the US workplace, the EU has defined and protected the private information of its citizens, even at work. OutIndex sponsored this white paper in order to educate US law firms and corporations on how to properly manage EU electronic discovery.”

The white paper is available on the company web site at www.outindex.com at the bottom of any of the products or services pages. No registration for download is required.

For additional information about OutIndex, please contact the company in the UK on +44 (0)20 7840 5800, in the US on +00 (1) (212) 227-9559 or info@OutIndex.com.

About OutIndex
OutIndex provides innovative software and expert professional services that enable our customers to manage their electronic discovery in the most productive manner possible. The company’s groundbreaking e-discovery and review software is utilized by many of the leading international auditing, professional services and litigation support firms in order to harvest, filter and produce electronically stored information (ESI). For more information, visit http://www.outindex.com.

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