OutIndex Announces OutIndex E-Discovery Engine

Company Releases Set of Microsoft .NET Components for Building E-Discovery Systems

KENNINGTON, LONDON (19 January 2009) – OutIndex (www.OutIndex.com), the leading electronic discovery software company in Europe, today announced the immediate availability of a set of three Microsoft .NET components for building systems and applications that perform actions used in electronic discovery systems.
The three Microsoft .NET components include:

  • MetaDataExtraction – Responsible for extraction of metadata from electronic documents and email messages
  • DataSearchIndexer – Responsible for indexing and searching electronic documents and email messages
  • EDocPrinter – Responsible for printing of electronic documents and email messages to common image formats such as TIFF, PDF and JPG.

Key features of the components include:

  • Rapid Development: Pluggable programming components allowing for rapid application development
  • Unicode Compliant: Supports European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean (CJK), Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew, German and French.
  • Extensive Email Support: Uniform access method for PST, Lotus Notes, DBX, MSG and EML email message formats
  • Extensive File Support: Supports over 300 file types
  • Introspection: Language and file identification on the binary level
  • OCR Support: In-Built image OCR module
  • Compressed File Support: Extensive support for compressed files including RAR, LZH, ZIP, GZIP, TAR and BZ2
  • De-duplication: Provides hashing functionality for ease of de-duplication of unique items
  • Forensic File Movement: Large file copying routine in a forensically sound manner

“These three Microsoft .NET components are the vital organs in our OutIndex E-Discovery processing system,” said Nii Larnyoh, president and CEO of OutIndex. “We have released these components for licensing at the request of some of our existing customers and potentially new customers who want to build electronic discovery processing systems oriented to their unique in-house processes and workflow.”

For additional information about OutIndex, please contact the company in the UK on +44 (0)20 7840 5800, in the US on +00 (1) (212) 227-9559 or info@OutIndex.com.

About OutIndex
OutIndex provides innovative software and expert professional services that enable our customers to manage their electronic discovery in the most productive manner possible. The company’s groundbreaking e-discovery and review software is utilized by many of the leading international auditing, professional services and litigation support firms in order to harvest, filter and produce electronically stored information (ESI). For more information, visit http://www.outindex.com.

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