OutIndex Announces New Data Collection Product for E-Discovery

OutIndex Acquisitor© enables the harvesting and catalogue of electronic data from its source, enabling collection and preservation in a forensically sound manner

KENNINGTON, LONDON and NEW YORK, NY (06 DEC 2006) – OutIndex (www.OutIndex.com), the leading electronic discovery software company in Europe, announced today the availability of OutIndex Acquisitor, a software application designed for corporations, law firms, legal service providers and government agencies to collect files and email messages from Windows-based computers in a forensically defensible manner. Acquisitor supports files and popular email systems including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and POP3 mail.

Unlike existing software which requires imaging of the entire computer’s hard drive, Acquisitor has the ability to search a computer prior to collecting or indexing data. Acquisitor does this by searching the existing file metadata stored within the Microsoft Windows file system. The amount of data that is collected is reduced by as much as 80% compared to a completed hard drive image, resulting in a significant reduction in the time and cost of data collection.

"We have seen our productivity increase as Acquisitor has reduced the amount of data we have to collect and process," said Allen Outlaw, President of Innovative Discovery, a U.S. based legal service provider located in Washington, D.C. "With a click of a button, we are able to send reports to our clients detailing all the files and email messages from their systems prior to collection and processing."

ACQUISTOR has several additional features that are expected to accelerate the market adoption of the software.

  • In order to scale for large projects, Acquisitor has the ability to create distributed indexes. A distributed index structure improves the amount of data that can be indexed, searched and accessed because the workload is shared across multiple computers.
  • To prevent the disorganization and complexity of harvesting disconnected data sources, Acquisitor can access both static and dynamic data by mapping unobtrusively onto network mapped drives or directly connect to mailboxes on Microsoft Exchange email servers to collect or catalogue data.
  • Acquisitor reduces the cost of document conversion processing (creating TIFF images and data load files) by de-duplicating the harvested data prior to processing.
  • Acquisitor integrates seamlessly with OutIndex E-Discovery, the company’s document conversion processing system.

"The market for data collection software is caught between an expensive, proprietary forensic investigation product and Microsoft’s free Robocopy that is distributed with the Windows Server resource kit,” said Nii Larnyoh, Founder of OutIndex. “Our customers have identified a clear market need through their requests for a forensic data collection product optimized for electronic discovery."

For additional information about OutIndex, please contact the company in the UK on +44 (0)20 7840 5800, in the US on +00 (1) (212) 227-9559 or info@OutIndex.com.

About OutIndex
OutIndex provides innovative software and expert professional services that enable our customers to manage their electronic discovery in the most productive manner possible. The company’s groundbreaking e-discovery and review software is utilized by many of the leading international auditing, professional services and litigation support firms in order to harvest, filter and produce electronically stored information (ESI). For more information, visit http://www.outindex.com.

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