OutIndex Professional Services focuses on supporting our customers and business partners. Our services are designed to ensure our customers are able to maximize the ROI on OutIndex and to provide complimentary services for our business partners. OutIndex professional services are delivered with the highest levels of professionalism, accuracy and courtesy.

Collection Assistance

OutIndex provides collection assistance services to forensic, consulting, litigation support and electronic discovery service providers. Our professional services staff can augment your own team when additional staffing or location-specific collections need to be completed. OutIndex can provide:

  • Forensic imaging or forensically-sound collection from computer hard drives sent to the OutIndex London or New York City facilities or retrieved from third party facilities
  • On-site forensic imaging or forensically-sound collection of servers, work stations, hard drives, laptops and other original media
  • On-site indexing, searching, filtering and collection of potentially responsive data directly from a network environment

ESI Processing & Production Services

Using OutIndex E-Discovery, our professional services team can perform fast, accurate processing of electronically stored information (ESI) that is part of litigation defense, regulatory compliance and investigations.  OutIndex E-Discovery indexes, extracts metadata, execute keyword searches and de-duplicates email and user files while performing extensive logging of all operations. OutIndex E-Discovery is fully Unicode compliant, enabling processing of multi-lingual character sets that comprise European, Middle-Eastern and Asian languages.

ESI processing and production can be performed at OutIndex’s London or New York City facilities or on-site using one of OutIndex’s Portable Processing Centers, capable of processing over 1 TB of data per week.

OutIndex ESI Processing and Production Services provides:

  • Ability to process, index and filter hundreds of email and user file types
  • Ability to process, index and filter Lotus Notes in its native format, enabling delivery of a NSF file with de-duplicated, filtered messages
  • Ability to extract email messages from Novell GroupWise post offices in HTML format
  • Multiple de-duplication options to remove redundant copies of documents and messages
  • Multiple filtering options, including file type, custodian, keyword and date range
  • Conversion of disparate email types to a single consistent format
  • Data summary and keyword hit reports which may be used to help properly plan, budget and execute on your litigation defense or regulatory compliance actions
  • Output delivered as either native files or production level TIFF or PDF images with load files for review in popular litigation support software packages such as Concordance®, Summation® and Ringtail®

Computer-Based Language Translation

OutIndex Professional Services provides computer-based language translation services as an extension of our ESI Processing and Production Service. Our service will perform text extraction of native files, translate the contents into a different language, index and cull the translated content and finally deliver a load file with links to the text in both languages. The computer-based, or machine translation technology licensed by OutIndex supports 15 of the world's most popular languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Swedish, Arabic, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, Korean and Russian.

Custom Development

The one characteristic constant with electronically stored information is that formats change and new formats are created. OutIndex Professional Services can provide custom development to handle a wide variety of scenarios including:

  • Adding processing support in OutIndex E-Discovery for a unique file or email formats
  • Parsing and de-duplicating email messages when they have been crushed together through end users forwarding messages to a mailbox for preservation
  • Supporting a load file format for a new or unique review platform

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