About Us Management Team


Nii Larnyoh, President and CEO, Founder

Nii Larnyoh is an accomplished software developer and serial entrepreneur.  Mr. Larnyoh began development of the core indexing technology behind the OutIndex software in order to solve the problem of finding content within his own email. The rest, is history.

As the architect of the OutIndex software, Mr. Larnyoh has developed cutting-edge document technologies and processes relating to electronic discovery processing, culling, database indexing and document searching. OutIndex offers a stable, accurate, scalable, high-speed system that is industry validated by long term, repeat clients including Deloitte & Touche, Thomson Litigation Consulting, Ernst & Young, BDO Seidman, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Navigant Consulting and RenewData.

George Aggrey, Director of Technology

Mr. Aggrey brings twenty years of technology experience to OutIndex. His expertise includes data management, indexing technologies, data base management and software development. During his career, Mr. Aggrey has consulted for Oracle, British Airways, British Telecom, Reuters and National Power.










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