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Why OutIndex

OutIndex provides innovative services that enable our clients to manage electronic data discovery quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Industry Hardened Technology

OutIndex E-Discovery is an electronic discovery platform designed for Tier 1 Service Bureaus to provide robust de-duplication, indexing, meta data and text extraction, as well as TIFF conversion from native files and common email applications including Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.

OutIndex E-Discovery software has processed an estimated 1 petabyte of data since its initial release. In a reputation-driven industry, OutIndex software is used by many leading consulting organizations including Deloitte, Thomson Litigation Consulting, Ernst & Young, BDO Seidman, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Navigant Consulting and RenewData.

International Language Expertise

While many search engines support the western languages, OutIndex also supports pictorial languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai, commonly referred to as CJK. These languages typically do not use punctuation or spaces to delineate words and therefore require specialized indexers to determine word and phrase breaks.

OutIndex’s software fully supports Unicode, enabling processing of multi-lingual character sets. Some of the many languages OutIndex supports include:

  • European: German, French, Spanish
  • Asian: Japanese (Kanji), Chinese (Most Dialects), Korean and Thai (CJK)
  • Middle Eastern: Arabic (Farsi), Hebrew

Local Service, Global Reach

OutIndex has processing centers at our London, UK and New York, US offices. The OutIndex professional services team has traveled the world assisting our business partners managing international projects. Our Portable Processing Centers consist of one (1) Microsoft SQL server and ten (10) processing servers, providing on-site processing at a rate of over 1 TB per week.

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